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CJ Century (International) Tracking

CJ Century (International)

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About CJ Century (International)

CJ Century (International) is an integrated logistics company based in Malaysia. It was originally founded as Century Logistics in 1988, but became a part of the CJ Group and was renamed CJ Logistics Malaysia in 2006. The company acquired the EC in 2008 and has since expanded its business. In 2016, Century Logistics became a New Family Company of CJ Logistics, further solidifying its position within the industry. With its ongoing growth and expansion, CJ Century (International) is emerging as a leader in the logistics industry in Malaysia.

CJ Century (International)
Customer Care Phone Number

If you have any issue with CJ Century (International)
freight tracking, you can contact CJ Century (International)
customer support : +03-33612888

CJ Century (International)
Website : https://www.cjlogistics.com/en/network/en-my

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